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endoscopyEndoscopy is a procedure which is done to look into digestive tract i.e. esophagus (food pipe), stomach and some initial part of small intestine using a special instrument called endoscope. In this procedure, child is sedated and endoscope is inserted through mouth to see further GI tract.

Various gastrointestinal problems like recurrent pain abdomen, recurrent vomiting, blood in vomiting or blood in stool etc. require endoscopy. Endoscopic band ligation for children with varices causing blood in vomiting, foreign body ( coin, sharp objects, button battery or other foreign material) removal and other special procedures are done post caustic (acid or alkali) ingestion – like stricture release, esophageal dilatation using endoscope.

Colonoscopy is a procedure which is done to identify any disease condition or pathology in largecolonoscopy intestine.  It requires prior proper bowel preparation. The instrument is passed through the anal region. Children with chronic diarrhea, blood in stool etc. require colonoscopy to diagnose various conditions.