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■ Brief Profile

Dr-Jagadeesh 460x365Dr Jagadeesh Menon V R did his undergraduate training (M.B.B.S) at Govt Medical College, Calicut. He completed M.D at department of Pediatrics, Advanced Pediatric Center (APC), PGIMER, Chandigarh. He persued his D.M in Pediatric Gastroenterology & Hepatology at PGIMER, Chandigarh after securing all India rank 1 in the entrance examination. He is also a traineeship member of the international liver transplantation society(ILTS).

■ Clinical Expertise

  • Diagnostic upper gastrointestinal Endoscopies
  • Therapeutic upper gastrointestinal Endoscopies including foreign body removal
  • Endoscopic sclerotherapy/Endoscopic variceal ligation
  • Endoscopic stricture dilatation
  • Forgein body removal
  • Colonoscopy
  • Therapeutic: Polypectomy, haemorrhoids injection
  • Intraoperative enteroscopy

■ Conference Presentations

  1. Nutritional assessment in Children with chronic liver disease. IYCF 2016.Chandigarh
  2. Gastrointestinal presentations of primary immune deficiencies. CAPGAN 2015.New Delhi
  3. Clinical profile and outcome of pediatric hepatitis C infection from a tertiary care center in north India. ISPGHAN 2017.Guwahati.
  4. Neurological Complications in Pediatric Liver Transplant Recipients : An Analysis Of Risk Factors And Outcomes : Accepted for oral presentation at ILTS 2020 at Istanbul, Turkey
  5. Clinical profile and outcomes in pediatric abdominal tuberculosis. ISG 2018.Kochi.
  6. Clinical profile and outcome in pediatric Wilson disease from a non-transplant ter- tiary care center in North India. INASL 2018.New Delhi.
  7. Efficacy of oral Psyllium vs placebo in the therapy of Pediatric irritable bowel syndrome : A double blind randomised control trial . Accepted for presentation at ESPGHAN 2020 at Copenhagen, Denmark.
  8. Hepatopulmonary syndrome in children with chronic liver disease. ISPGHAN 2014.Kochi
  9. Oral presentations at CPLD at ILBS, New Delhi(2015,2016), GI forums in chandigarh, Pediatric GI emergency at Mumbai
  10. Oral research presentation in master class in liver disease 2020 at ITC chola. Chennai

■ Awards

  1. Best oral /poster presentation in 6th IYCF conference held at GMCH 32 Chandigarh in 2016.
  2. Prize for poster presentation at 4th ISPGHAN conference held in Guwahati in 2017.
  3. Presidential poster : Efficacy of Psyllium over placebo in the therapy of pediatric IBS. ISGCON 2018
  4. Prize for poster presentation at ISPGHAN 2019, Chennai
  5. Prize for oral presentation at MCLD 2020 at ITC grand chola, Chennai
  6. Best oral paper presentation at LTSICON 2020

■ Publication

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■ Text book Chapters

  • Pediatric gastroenterology Hepatology and nutrition: Bench to bedside (IAP): 2017
  • Cholestasis in Neonates and Infants
  • Wilson’s disease in children
  • Ascites in children